Osaka february 2020

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Click the name of the place in the list. Its location pin will be highlighted on the map. The map will then zoom in on its location. Pay when you check out. Free cancellations too. Need tips on where to stay?The port city of Osaka features mild temperatures for the winter season in February.

Daily averages typically range from 3C Yet, daily lows tend to fluctuate between -2C Accordingly, daily highs may vary, too, and they usually remain between 5C 41F and 15C 59F. In regard to typical minimum and maximum daily temperaturesOsaka, Japanfeatures much higher temperatures than Beijing, Chinathis time of year.

The first half of February is usually colder than the second, when air temperatures are higher for a few degrees. In the second part of February, this interval extends and lasts from around am to 9 pm by the end of the period.

The second largest Japanese city receives up to 5 sunshine hours per day on average during this month. For the remainder of daylight hours, the sky over Osaka is either overcastmostly cloudy or partially cloudy. In general, the possibility of cloudy weather becomes higher as spring approaches. The second month of the year features somewhat higher accumulation of rainfall than the first in the Japanese port city of Osaka. The possibility of rain increases at a fast rate as days pass. Hence, the probability of a wet day is lower in the first half of February than in the second.

Rain usually falls in the form of drizzle, albeit sleet and light snowfall also take place on occasion. Furthermore, the second part of the month brings an increased rainfall to this destination. Days are, in general, rainier than nights, with the highest probability of precipitation around noon. Between 11 pm and midnight is the least rainy time of the day, at least in regard to the overall accumulation of rainfall. The average speed of the wind is, in general, constant at 4.

This parameter increases only a bit by the end of February to 4. The windiest time of the day is around pm up to 5.

The chances of a humid weather are basically non-existent this time of year. Daylight becomes longer in the course of February in this destination.

On February 1, daybreak occurs at am, while sundown takes place hours later, at pm. On February 28, the sun rises at am and sets after hours, at pm. Temperature of the sea around the city of Osaka is approx. Because Japanese islands lie in the area where 4 tectonic plates meet, Japan is one of the most seismically sensitive countries in the world.

Earthquakes happen almost on a monthly basis, but most of them don't cause big damage. Tsunamis are hazards of nature caused by underwater earthquakes. They manifest through a series of waves crashing against the seaside at a big speed. And Osaka is among the most exposed places on the planet to these occurrences.From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

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Minoh Police Station. Nihon Christ MinamiOsaka Church. Osaka Monorail Shibahara-handai-mae Station. Osaka University Hospital Osaka University Main Library. Osaka University Science and Engineering Library. Teranishi House Kura,Abeno. Teranishi House,Abeno. Teranishi Nagaya.

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Osaka JAPAN February 2020

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osaka february 2020

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Osaka, February 2020

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Full Name:. Area of Interest:.The —20 coronavirus pandemic was confirmed to have spread to Japan on 16 January from China. On 27 FebruaryPrime Minister Shinzo Abe requested that all Japanese elementary, junior high, and high schools close until early April to help contain the virus. A resident of Kanagawa Prefecture in his 30's who had previously travelled to Wuhan developed a fever on 3 January and subsequently returned to Japan on 6 January. He tested positive during a hospital admission between 10 and 15 January.

He had not visited the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Marketbut possibly had close contact with an affected person in Wuhan.

On 24 January, a second case was confirmed as a Chinese national who visited from Wuhan.

Osaka, Japan — Sunrise, Sunset, and Daylength, February 2020

Afterwards, Japan took extra precautions, due to the upcoming Summer Olympics being held in Tokyo. On 30 January, three Japanese nationals who arrived at Haneda Airport after being evacuated from Wuhan tested positive.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that the two Japanese nationals who came back via Haneda refused further testing and said that officials could not legally force them to do so. On 1 February, a year-old man of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department working for the Cabinet Secretariatwhich was responsible for the evacuation of citizens from Wuhan and other related matters, died at National Institute of Public Health in Saitama Prefecture.

The institute was where some of the evacuees from Wuhan stayed under temporary quarantine. Police are investigating the man's cause of death, but they suspect he was suicidal. From 3 February, Japan forbade anyone who had had history of travelling to and from Hubei Province or had a Chinese passport officially issued from Hubei. On 11 February, two evacuees from Wuhan tested positive after an earlier test gave negative results.

On 12 February, Japan announced entry restrictions for anyone who had travelled to and from Zhejiang or had a Chinese passport issued from Zhejiang. On 14 February, a married couple, both in their 60s, tested positive after returning from a ten-day vacation in Hawaiiduring which the man began showing symptoms.

On 18 February, Wakayama Prefecture announced that three people tested positive.

Category:February 2020 in Osaka prefecture

On 19 February, testing the 3, cases on the Diamond Princess was completed. On 20 February, Fukuoka Prefecture announced its first virus case: a Japanese man in his sixties with no travel history overseas.

On 21 February, two elementary school boys in Hokkaido and one preschool school boy were confirmed to test positive for SARS-CoV-2 ; the latter had came back from an airlift out of Wuhan with his father, who was also tested. On 22 February, a junior high school teacher working in Chiba Prefecture tested positive for the virus. On 25 February, the Shikoku region reported its first case in Tokushima Prefecturea former passenger of the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship who had originally tested negative a week earlier when disembarking from the ship.

On 27 February, Shinzo Abe requested closing all elementary, junior high, and high schools to curb the spread of the infections from 2 March to the end of spring vacations, which usually conclude in early April.

On 4 March, a year-old man refused to wait at home after testing positive for COVID, and went to a bar and restaurant until he decided to go to the hospital. A female bar owner in her 30s tested positive on 12 March. On 5 March, Japan announced new quarantine restrictions to be enforced for all visitors coming from China and South Korea. On 8 March, Hiroshima announced that one resident confirmed positive after visiting 4 hospitals.

On 16 March, NHK reported that the Japanese government planned to expand entry restrictions to foreigners arriving from four additional countries. The restrictions applied to three areas in Spain including Madridfour areas in Italy including the northern region of LiguriaSwitzerland's Ticino region, and all of Iceland. On 19 March, the governors of Osaka and Hyogo prefectures asked residents to avoid nonessential travel between the two neighbouring western Japan prefectures over the three-day weekend starting on 20 March to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

On 21 March, Okayama confirmed that a female patient in their 60s was infected, which was its first case.In this article, I have listed 25 best things to do in Osaka including classic and trendy sightseeing spots for day and night.

Please check the below article for further information. There are also seasonal events and limited-time attractions available through the year such as Halloween and Christmas. Besides attractions, Universal Studios Japan merchandise collections are hugely popular among visitors. You can find limited products of popular characters like Minions, Sesame Street, Hello Kitty and more!

There are also cute character themed food and drinks available at the park. Instant e-tickets can be purchased online.

osaka february 2020

Famous shop displays such as Glico Running Man and the moving gigantic crab and flashy neon lights at night attract millions of visitors. Shopping, food, entertainments. Wanna explore the neighbourhood deeper?? This popular walking tour in Dotonbori area takes to both popular and hidden spots in the area as well as delicious street food and food sample making! Check the link below for more details and book the tour with discount!

osaka february 2020

Local food is definitely a top attraction in Osaka. You can find many food stalls on the street of Osaka offering real taste of local with inexpensive prices. When in Osaka, you may be unable to try all the delicious local food of Osaka in one day!

Although Osaka is famous for affordable and local friendly regional dishes, If you are wishing to have a high-end dining experience in Japan, Osaka is also one of the best cities. Another great way to explore the glorious Osaka food culture is participating in cooking classes hosted by local teachers! Japanese cooking class has been one of the top tourist attractions in the country in recent years as you can experience the real local food culture through the class as well as have a quality time with local teachers.

Also you can take the recipes home so you can cook the dishes for your friends and family back home. See the link below for more cooking classes available in Osaka today! Osaka Castle is an important historic monument that represents the great history of Azuchi-Momoyama period during the sixteenth century. It was built in by the order of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, the one of the most famous unifying warlords of Japanese history.

Cycle around Osaka Castle and feel the breeze! Click the link below to find out more details about the tour!

Booking is now available with discount! The walk-in aquarium is home to 15 fish tanks in total including the one with 34m x 9m that holds a variety of fish including manta rays and 2 whale sharks swimming freely. The new interactive exhibition opened in that allows visitors to see the animals up close and touch some of them. The Ferris wheel is lit-up at night with colourful LED lights.

The streets are filled with colourful and retro shop displays which makes Shinsekai one of the best photo spots in town. The symbol of Shinsekai, Tsutenkaku Tower is a great spot to enjoy the overlook view of this charming neighbourhoods and Osaka City.

The tower was built in resembling the Eiffel Tower in Paris. There are numbers of shopping malls and boutiques located within the area from luxury brands to fast fashion retailers. Shinsaibashi-suji is the famous shopping arcade which is m long and consists of hundreds of shops from small boutiques to large departments stores. Not only clothing items, but there is a wide variety of shops in this arcade such as drugstores, variety shops, restaurants, cafes and more.

Numbers of trendy and fashionable shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants are located within this area. If you are into Japanese street fashion, vintage clothes and trendy street snacks, this is the area you should visit in town.

You can enjoy the spectacular night view of Osaka. The 12 m high x 11 m wide statue has become a popular photo spot in Osaka in the past year. The Japanese Tea Ceremony Workshop provides an engaging induction to the traditional tea ceremony. This activity dates back hundreds of years and is the most idealistic pastime of ancient Japan.

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