Ps3 dynamic themes

Theme Pack 10 themes :. Theme Pack 4 themes :. Theme Pack 14 themes :. Abstract Shapes - Dynamic Theme Clock - Dynamic Theme Clouds - Dynamic Theme Corey - Theme Fire - Dynamic Theme Fish Tank - Dynamic Theme Halloween - Dynamic Theme Infamous: Festival of Blood - Theme Infamous 2 - Theme Shin Sangoku Musou 6 - Theme Snowman - Dynamic Theme Spectral Dawn - Dynamic Theme Start The Party!

Symbol Art 1 - Dynamic Theme Theme Pack Part 2 20 theme : [Password: ps3repack. PART 1: Assassins Creed Revelations - Dynamic Theme Batman Arkham City - Dynamic Theme City - Dynamic Theme City Drive - Dynamic Theme Digital Blasphemy - Tears - Dynamic Theme Double Dragon Neon - Dynamic Theme Dragon 2 - Dynamic Theme Earth - Dynamic Theme Giant Robot Battle! GoldFish Pond - Dynamic Theme Growing Garden - Dynamic Theme Translate to English.

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ps3 dynamic themes

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Dynamic Theme

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Dynamic Themes

Published by Christophe Lavalle.The Last of Us is an action-adventure survival horror video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Players control Joel, a man tasked with escorting a young girl named Ellie across a post-apocalyptic United States. Dynamic PS3 Theme of Ellie with snow effect self. The zip-file contains 6 themes. One set uses the default PS3 icons and the other one these custom icons. Copy the. If someone else wants to make a theme, this is the tutorial I used includes the snow effect files.

Edit: Wow, I'm happy so many of you are enjoying the theme. If you are encountering the problem with the cutoff text, could you send me the resolution of your monitor via pm or as a reply to my comment below.

Legacy Dashboard Dynamic Theme by Truant Pixel

I'll see what I can do. Edit 2: I moved the text further away from the borders, hopefully this fixes the issues with the cutoff text.

Unfortunately I can't test the outcome on another monitor, so I'm basically shooting in the dark in case it's still way off, a picture could help. Download text fix v1. I should go to sleep now. Hey sorry if this is a lil late but I downloaded your theme and it's amazing! Best one I've seen and is definitely going to remain my theme for a long time. Just a quick question, would it be possible to smoothen out the snow falling? It seems to jolt a little when the animation restarts, just a small critique, but other then that its amazing, well done :.

Unfortunately I haven't found a way to edit the way the snow falls yet. As soon as I got that, I can rework this theme and complete the one I'm already working on : I was quite busy last week, hopefully I gets better this week.

Regarding the ones with cutoff text: what resolution are you using on your screen? I'll see if i can fix it. Edit: here is an attempt to fix the cutoff text. This is a beautiful theme! I'm getting the text cutoff so rolling with the blank theme now.

My tv is running p so a resolution of x Thanks a bunch, the snowfall effect is a nice touch too.Step You will be re-directed to sendspace look for this Copy Code. Choose the theme you want to install press x.

Tips Repeat the steps for multiple themes. If you get the message "There are no themes", check that the theme is located in the correct folder on the device The Directory should be. Naughty Bear Dynamic Aug 7th. No comments. Black Ops Dynamic Aug 7th. Chelsea Dynamic Theme 2 Aug 7th. Arsenal Dynamic Theme 2 Aug 7th. Feyenoord Dynamic Theme 4 Aug 7th. Borussia Dortmund Dynamic Theme Aug 4th. Manchester City Dynamic Theme Aug 4th. Liverpool Dynamic Theme Aug 1st.

Chelsea Dynamic Theme Aug 1st. Internazionale Dynamic Theme Aug 1st. Vitesse Dynamic Theme Aug 1st. Arsenal Dynamic Theme Aug 1st. Real Madrid Dynamic Theme Aug 1st.

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ps3 dynamic themes

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ps3 dynamic themes

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ps3 dynamic themes

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