Types of automation mcq

The PID controller takes care of closed loop control in plant. A number of PID controller with single or multiple loop can be taken on network. PID Controllers are widely for independent loops. Although some logic can be implemented but not much of sequential logic can be implemented in PIDs. The system uses multiple processors, has a central database and the functionality is distributed.

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That is the controller sub system performs the control functions, the history node connects the data, the IMS node gives reports, the operator station gives a good HMI, the engineering station allows engineering changes to be made.

DCS is often used in the big plants where the redundancy level needed is more and the analog input used are high. The RAM acts as memory. Hard disk is used as storage device. Currently this systems are very useful when the large data is to be proceed with very high speed.

In many cases for greater accuracy we can use the real-time operating system. A feedback device which converts mechanical motion into electronic signals.

Usually an encoder is a rotary device that outputs digital pulses which correspond to incremental angular motion. The encoder consists of a glass or metal wheel with alternating clear and opaque stripes that are detected by optical sensors to produce the digital outputs. The leading PLC providers include.

A transmitter is an electronic device that is generally mounted in the field in close proximity to a sensor. The sensor also known as a transducer measures a physical variable such as temperature or pressure and outputs a very low level electronic signal. The basic function of the transmitter is to provide the correct electrical power to turn on or excite the sensor then to read the low level sensor signal, amplify it to a higher level electrical signal and send that signal a long distance to a control or read-out device.

Since low-level electrical signals do not transmit long distances with great accuracy, installing a transmitter generally gives a tremendous improvement in the accuracy of the information delivered to a larger control system. Typically the output form the transmitter is mA or V. The V signal has tendency to drop because of line resistance. If the distance between sensor and input card is more the signal will not properly represent the field value. The mA will travel a long distance without dropping signal value.

With 0- 20 mA you can not distinguish between minimum field value and connection break. With mA, internal circuit can distinguish between connection break of minimum value. Normally when the value is minimum the transmitter will give you 4 mA while in case of connection breakage it will give 0 mA.

In 2 wire transmitter the power and signal are transmitted through same cable. In 3 wire transmitter the data signal and power are with respect to common ground.Mcq On Types Of Automation.

The three types of switch actuators shown in Figure are not generally used for applications that would be required in emergency situations nor for operations that occur hundreds of times per day.

Overcoming integration challenges allows organizations to connect systems internally and externally. It remains constant c. Click here to download PDF.

types of automation mcq

Find and compare top Integration software on Capterra, with our free and interactive tool. Income statement C. Page-3 section Machine Flexibility. Q7 How many types of bots creators available in Automation Anywhere? The probe has a problem 2. Robotics multiple choice questions and answers on Robotics MCQ questions quiz on Robotics objective type questions with answer for competitive exams and written test preparations for online robotics quiz Professionals, Teachers, Students and Kids Trivia Quizzes to test your knowledge on the subject.

What types of problems are suitable for simulation? How to select simulation software? What are the benefits and pitfalls in modeling and simulation? The intended audience is those unfamiliar with the area of discrete event simulation as well as beginners looking for an overview of the area. Appium is an open source, cross-platform test automation tool for native, hybrid and mobile web and desktop apps. Programmers need to understand the process and code a set of rules governing how the RPA bot will function.

Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. Each process exhibits a particular dynamic time varying behavior that governs the transformation, that is, how do changes in the resource or inputs over time affect the transformation. What is the return Type of driver. You being the Branch Manager of a CBS branch, list out some of the internal controls you think to be implemented in your branch.

If you divide 13 percent by three, it is a little over 4. There are generally 5 types of Recorders: Basic - Generates selector for each activity with zero containers. Adding new Variables c. Before going in to the details of What is a Sensor, What are the Different Types of Sensors and Applications of these different types of Sensors, we will first take a look at a simple example of an automated system, which is possible because of Sensors and many other components as well.

What are the two basic types of production systems? I live in Amsterdam NLwith my wife and a lovely daughter. Types of Automation System with examples.

39 TOP Automation Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Tell the name of App integration commands in Automation anywhere?. Methodologies adopted while performing Maintenance Testing Fully solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. This chapter is all about the input and output devices. In this interactive learning object, students answer multiple choice questions about medications, nursing implications, and client outcomes of gastrointestinal management.

Budgetary Control Meaning August 11, Purchase Furniture for Cash Rs. Discover the risk of automation for occupations where you work:. Last but not least, I wanted to give you a heads-up on Usersnap, which is a great solution for UAT testing and user testing, used by companies like Facebook, Red Hat, and Microsoft. Are there any benefits of automation testing over manual testing? The advantages of automation testing are just the endless.Moore Machine is an application of: a Finite automata without input b Finite automata with output c Non- Finite automata with output d None of the mentioned.

On the contrary, one assumes that the symbol epsilon does not belong to any alphabet. Which of the following not an example Bounded Information? How many languages are over the alphabet R?

Which of the following options is correct? Under which of the following operation, NFA is not closed? According to the given transitions, which among the following are the epsilon closures of q1 for the given NFA?

View Answer Answer: c Explanation: The automaton may be allowed to change its state without reading the input symbol using epsilon but this does not mean that epsilon has become an input symbol.

View Answer Answer: b Explanation: Bounded information refers to one whose output is limited and it cannot be said what were the recorded outputs previously until memorized. View Answer Answer: d Explanation: A language over an alphabet R is a set of strings over A which is uncountable and infinite. View Answer Answer:b Explanation: States, input symbols,initial state,accepting state and transition function.

View Answer Answer: a Explanation: The conversion of a non-deterministic automata into a deterministic one is a process we call subset construction or power set construction.

View Answer Answer: d Explanation: The set of states which can be reached from q using e-transitions, is called the e-closure over state q. Read Next. January 10, March 27, Subscribe to our mailing list to get the new updates! Related Articles. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Telegram. Close Search for. Close Log In. Adblock Detected Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker.The basic attributes of a straight line segment are a Type b Width c Colour d All of these.

A dashed line could be displayed by generating……. Which of the following is not a line-type? The algorithm which displays line-type attributes by plotting pixel spans is a Raster line algorithm b Raster scan algorithm c Random line algorithm d Random scan algorithm.

A heavy line on a video monitor could be displayed as a Adjacent perpendicular lines b Adjacent parallel lines c Both a and b d Neither a nor b.

We can adjust the shape of the line ends to give them a better appearance by using a Line spacing b More dots c Line caps d Round cap. Thick line drawn with a Butt caps b Round caps c Projecting square caps d All of the mentioned. If the angle between 2 connected line segments is very small then……… Can generate a long spike that distorts the appearance of the polyline a Miter join b Round join c Bevel join d None. A line with a tapering width can be easily created by using the……….

Software Testing MCQ’S

Tool a Circle b Eclipse c Line d Polyline. A dotted line can be displayed by generating a Very short dashes with spacing equal to and greater than dash size b Very long dashes with spacing equal to or greater than dash size c Very short dashes with spacing equal to and greater than dash size d Dots. Using the Relative Polar Coordinate System to add a 3 inch line that is 45 degrees from the end point of the line created above the drafter would………….

Answer: d. Answer: a. Answer: b. Answer: c. The algorithm which displays line-type attributes by plotting pixel spans is a Raster line algorithm b Raster scan algorithm c Random line algorithm d Random scan algorithm Q6. A heavy line on a video monitor could be displayed as a Adjacent perpendicular lines b Adjacent parallel lines c Both a and b d Neither a nor b Q8.

We can adjust the shape of the line ends to give them a better appearance by using a Line spacing b More dots c Line caps d Round cap Q If the angle between 2 connected line segments is very small then……… Can generate a long spike that distorts the appearance of the polyline a Miter join b Round join c Bevel join d None Q A dotted line can be displayed by generating a Very short dashes with spacing equal to and greater than dash size b Very long dashes with spacing equal to or greater than dash size c Very short dashes with spacing equal to and greater than dash size d Dots Q Answer: d Q2.

Answer: a Q3. Answer: d Q4. Answer: b Q5. Answer: a Q6. Answer: c Q7. Answer: b Q8. Answer: d Q9. Answer: b Q Answer: c Q Answer: d Q Answer: a Q Previous Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 6.Which of the following is considered as the component testing. Which phase is considered as software architecture phase. As per specified requirements Which testing is concerned as the behavior of the whole product? Test level is performed in which level… a It depends on nature of a project.

In which phase the defect is less costly… A. Coding B. Design C. Requirements Gathering D. Implementation Answer - Click Here: c 9. Acceptance testing through which user is satisfied is considered as which of the following… a. White box testing b. Gray box testing c. Black box testing d. None of the above Answer - Click Here: c Failure b. Prevention c.

Build d. Appraisal Answer - Click Here: b Test Readiness is conducted in which phase… a. Select which measurement taken by the two people are same refers to the term which is called as… a. Answer - Click Here:. Subscribe for Friendship. Author Recent Posts. Fazal Rehman Shamil. CEO T4T utorials. Researchers, teachers and students are allowed to use the content for non commercial offline purpose.Test automation plays a very important role in the entire software lifecycle.

Most of the time when we want to prepare for an automation testing interview, we only focus on tool-specific questions. We all know that software testing is a very important part of software development.

types of automation mcq

But, with the rapidly growing software development methodologies and environments, it becomes difficult to manually test everything for an application within a limited time along with cost constraints. Thus, Automation testing is rapidly growing in the market to speed up to the development pace. This tutorial includes top interview questions on Automation testing. We have covered basic test automation questions as well as some advanced questions for intermediate to expert level candidates of up to 2 to 5 years experience.

Answer: The process of using special software tools or scripts to perform testing tasks such as entering data, executing the test steps and comparing the results, etc. In this case, we end up running the regression test case multiple times. For Example: After each change request or bug fix, after each iteration in case of incremental development approach, etc.

For Example, Load testing or performance testing, etc are very difficult for humans to track and analyze. Automating the test cases in the above scenarios helps in achieving the speed of testing and minimizing human errors.

Q 5 How do you identify the test cases which are suitable for automation? Answer: Identifying the appropriate test cases for automation is the most important step towards automation. Automating these cases which are not executed that often will not add value to the automated suite. Q 7 How to decide the tool that one should use for Automation testing in their projects? Select the tools within your budget.

types of automation mcq

Q 8 Currently I do not have any automation in place in my project, but now I want to implement automation, what would be my steps? Q 9 How do you decide which tool you have to use? Answer: Concluding which tool is best suitable for the project requires a lot of brainstorming and discussions. Q 10 Once you identify the tool what would be your next steps? Answer: Once we finalize the tool, our next step would be to design the framework.

Answer: A framework is a set of the structure of the entire automation suite. It is also a guideline, which if followed can result in a structure that is easy to maintain and enhance.

Q 12 What are the attributes of a good framework? Answer: Frameworks are guidelines and not mandatory rules, so we can do without a framework, but if we create it and follow it, enhancing and maintaining would be easy to implement.

Q 14 What are the different types of the Automation tool that you are aware of? Q 15 What generally is the structure of a framework? Answer: Normally the structure should have — It would differ from project to project. Q 16 Where will you maintain information like URL, login, password? Q 17 Why do you want to keep this kind of information in a separate file and not directly in the code?No one has more ability than this pair.

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